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5 Savy Marketing Tips for Small Biz Owners

Updated: Sep 7, 2017

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Does your marketing strategy leave you feeling like this ... doubtful !

The Internet - risen.

Not exactly a shocker, but I think that we can all agree that with the rise of the internet, email, and social media, the world is getting smaller and smaller. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. This while simultaneously being filled with a relentless stream of new and distracting content that makes it difficult for the small biz owner, just starting out with their own marketing strategy to gain any real relevance. It's a minefield - let me tell you.

Grow your content marketing.

If you are new in business and you have been struggling to grow your content marketing campaigns due to the astonishing volume of competition, then it is time to try something a little bit different. Growth-hacking apparently is a relatively new term for a set of tactics and techniques. These tactics give you a map for supercharging your content marketing growth and expanding your reach to new levels.

If you are interested in rapidly boosting the growth of your content marketing campaign, then I'm certain that the following 5 growth hacks will equip you with everything you need. You'll quickly gain the know-how to improve your campaigns in exciting and sometimes counter-intuitive ways.

1. Test content headlines to optimize click throughs.

Your headline is the first thing people see when looking at your content, it's the most essential part of your content marketing campaigns. Without fully optimized headlines, you can't have the greatest and most viral worthy content in the world. No one will ever be interested enough to take the time to read it.This makes it absolutely essential that you A/B test headlines for every single article and analyze your testing results before publishing or promoting it.

"The company Upworthy, who regularly creates some of the most viral content on the web mandates that all of their writers test at least 25 headline variations through creative social media posts before they are allowed to publish new content."

Once a winner is found, and a winner is almost always found, they then publish and promote their new content. They now have a fully optimized headline, ensuring more engagement and more click-throughs.

2. Repurpose content to boost reach and traction.

It's true, repurposing old content is one of the easiest and most effective growth hacking techniques to grow your content marketing campaigns. It takes almost no time to convert old blog posts into YouTube videos or Linkedin posts. You'll distill the key points into a presentation, or summarise them in a Facebook post.

When repurposing your content you open dozens of new doors and take advantage of previously unused platforms that will quickly and easily expand your reach. So what's the best part? Well, my friends, you already have all of the content required to take advantage of this epic little hack. A little tip from Your Office Genie though - just make sure when repurposing your content, that the content is still relevant and there aren't any time dependent references i.e. mentioning a summer offer, but sending the offer out in mid-winter.

3. Get involved with relevant social media groups and promote all of that amazing new content

Social Media groups are a great way to grow your audience and increase content engagement. Be sure to join social media groups where you can add genuine value while simultaneously promoting your new content.

Join relevant groups and jump into the conversation. People will start to see you as an authority and will take notice when you start sharing and promoting your latest blog posts and videos. Your Office Genie have mad amazing connections and business leads/clients from Social Media Groups and we've also learnt a huge amount too. Don't be shy ... get involved.

4. Use content pop-ups with epic CTAs to increase conversions.

One of the most important parts of content creation is generating conversions from that content - you don't want amazing clients reading your on-point content and then with no call to action they slip through the net. An effective way to achieve this is through the use of creative content pop-ups that have a clear and user-friendly call to action.

For example, if you write an article on Facebook Ad hacks, you can implement a pop-up that encourages readers to opt-in to your newsletter.Include an exchange for a free video course on Facebook ad design is a phenomenal way to boost conversions in a natural and helpful way.

5. Publish social media posts at different times throughout the day.

With the enormity of most social media channels, it is easy for your content to get lost in the slew of other posts cluttering up your audience’s news feed. This makes it absolutely essential that you regularly share new posts several times throughout the day. Contrary to popular belief, publishing your content at different times will not negatively affect your account or annoy your audience. According to most studies, is an incredible way to keep your social media profiles relevant and visible.


Whether you are a newbie in the content marketing game or a seasoned veteran, growth hacking, when used properly, will allow you to quickly take your campaigns to new heights.

We are certain at Your Office Genie that if you guys take advantage of the five hacks detailed above and watch your company and your revenue grow.