Do you need someone to magically sort your admin? Does your diary need managing? Social Media taking up hours of your time? Are you turning up late to the wrong meeting and ill-prepared? Are your CRM databases out of control? Business Branding in need of some magic? Need some general research completed or travel booking done? Need a presentation polished ready for that meeting? Is your dictation list getting out of control?

The great news is that all of this can be done WITHOUT  hiring another member of staff ! You can OUTSOURCE all of your admin needs to your very own VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. Lucky for you guys, this is what the GENIES eat and breathe !


Office administration is their passion.


Organising, supporting and delivering outstanding results is what they do best, but from their own premises. COST SAVINGS are huge when you decide to outsource instead of recruit, no agency fees, no desk space or IT equipment, no NI contributions or benefits package.

But what can they do?

  • Report or document creation/formatting

  • Blog Creation

  • Proofreading

  • Transcription (incl Medical Transcription)

  • Travel Booking/Itineraries

  • Board/Meeting Papers and Minutes creation

  • Diary Management

  • Email Management

  • Excel Spreadsheet Creation

  • Expense Management

  • General Book-keeping/accounting

  • Presentation Creation

  • Event Administration

  • HR Administration

  • Project Management and/or Assistance

  • Social Media Management

  • Updates to your website … And so much more ...


What do you do next?


It really is as simple as having a consultation at a convenient time to you and outlining your requirements and ensuring that working with a Genie is right for you. The Genies will then do the boring stuff of drawing up the contract and setting up the logistics, which the Genie's are experts in.


You are then billed weekly for the hours support you have received from the Genies and you will be delivered an outstanding administrative support service that will transform your business.

Those little Genie's are experts in all things admin! They can really transform your working life, ensuring that you are free to do what you do best - running your business ! Get in touch - you'd be surprised to learn how few hours you really will need with these little Genie-ouses !

Around the clock support

Fully Equiped

Working virtually